The “Grounds for Entertainment” Room Is under construction

    As my amazing husband embarks on his newest carpentry project I have been daydreaming lots about how the room will be used.  The stage will have acoustic musicians playing as often as I can cajole them to come play in our little backwoods venue.  I imagine baby showers filled with games and laughter.  I can see birthday parties that range from babies to our favorite elders who have so many stories of this area and much wisdom to share from their years of experience on this beautiful planet.  I even hope to host some swap meets of various types.  I think a Halloween Costume swap would be a great way to socialize help and each other out.  The one common denominator in this room will be a sense of community.  For me its the one thing that I crave most in this hi-tech world.  There are 2 reasons I visit my favorite social network so often.  To “feel” like I’m staying in touch with people and broaden my world view.  I mean to be able to post to Lucy Lawless’s page is quite a thrill for me, but that is a whole other blog.  Until next time….I will be dreaming of baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions and dare I hope……A small wedding reception.  OOOOOOH the decorating possibilites.

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