Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson

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Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Doug Peterson approaches his music with irreverence and a sense of soul felt sentimentality. His sound has been likened to Cat Stevens, Billy Corgan, and Weird Al playing for a Victorian tea party after the wine has arrived. Performing a set, he can move seamlessly from a folk ballad, to a melodic hard rock anthem, into a quirky geeky love song, all while engaging his audience with anecdotes and personal stories. An evening with Doug is more than a concert— it’s a mad fantastical journey.

After getting his degree in music composition over a decade ago, a chance meeting drew Doug into the world of Celtic music. Though he is an eclectic writer of many genres, Celtic and classical remain among his influences. His stage performances are exuberant and theatrical, a quality he owes to his years of experience playing at renaissance fairs. Doug’s influences include artists such as Glen Hansard, Billy Joel, and Frank Zappa, along with bands like The Swell Season, They Might Be Giants, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Smashing Pumpkins.

You can find Doug performing all along the “West Coast” of Michigan, appearing most often in South Haven, Holland and Grand Haven. He has performed twice for Holland’s Groove Walk and sang the National Anthem for a Grand Raggidy Roller Girls bout in Grand Rapids last summer. Doug regularly performs for the Art Hop and other downtown Kalamazoo based events.

Having completed two albums, one of his Renaissance fair music and another of his own songs; Doug has also performed on three other albums with the Celtic band, Laurie’s Fault, and has been featured on the internationally distributed compilation, “Celtic Dreams”. He recently put together a band which is getting ready to debut. Doug will be recording his next album over this winter, and is planning to release it next spring.

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