Java and Jive Coffeehouse is now closed.

Plumbing repairs closed down the coffeehouse and it was decided that instead of taking out a loan to make the repairs that instead we re-open up the coffeehouse in a new location. Also, it was decided that we wait a couple of years to open so that we can enjoy family time before our kids graduate and move away from home.

Be looking for a brand new coffeehouse in a different location in about two to three years!

outsideJava and Jive is super pleased to introduce some new artisan products too. Come check out Behennaed mugs, decals and prayer flags. Wires, Pliers and Stones offers a great variety of wire wrapped pendants with information on each stone.  More great beaded gifts are coming from a very dear friend of my mine in Menominee.  Remember Java and Jive is a whole lot more than just amazing coffee drinks.  We are your one stop shop for gifts and entertainment too! Speaking of entertainment, starting to book our summer bands now. If you know of anyone looking for a place to let their talent shine, give us a call soon, the dates are filling up fast. The entertainment room is available for party rentals also.

Map of where Java and Jive Coffeehouse is.

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