028 Sandslash

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Sandslash (サンドパン Sandopan, Sandpan), known as the Mouse Pokémon, are a larger and stronger form that Sandshrew take when they gain enough experience to reach level 22. Generally they are a moderately large, bipedal hedgehog or pangolin-like creature with hard yellow skin, lengthy claws, and a back loaded with an assemblage of large brown spikes. These spikes are hardened sections of Sandslash’s hide that grow to form a natural self-defense when Sandslash curls into a ball. Each spike remains on Sandslash for one year, after which it falls off and a new spike grows in its place. Sandslash can be found in desert areas, particularly close to dry forests. Sandslash’s spikes serve a number of purposes to help cope with its environment, such as providing shade to protect it from the sun and heatstroke or using them offensively to harm both predators and prey. It uses its claws to climb trees, cut up food and dig, the latter being an activity that can cause them to break if done too quickly. It cannot run very quickly.