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Spearow (オニスズメ, Onisuzume) are known as the Tiny Bird Pokémon. Their English names come from the words “spear” and “sparrow.” When they are trained greatly, they can evolve into Fearow. Spearow are very small birds with rough plumage. They have the beak shape similar to that of raptors. Their pink feet each have three talons. They are noted for being frail, for which they make up for with their “Mirror Move” ability. They eat insects in grassy areas by flushing them out with their stubby wings, and plucking at them with their beaks. A Spearow’s wings aren’t good for long distance travel or high flying, but one is able to fly at high speeds by flapping its wings very rapidly. Spearow are very territorial, constantly buzzing about and calling with a loud cry that can be heard from half a mile away. This cry serves to scare away predators and to keep in touch with other Spearow, though the latter is reserved as an alarm to its kind.

In the very first episode of the animated series (Pokémon, I Choose You!), series protagonist Ash Ketchum attempts to capture a Spearow right outside his hometown, Pallet Town, without his Pikachu’s help; he only angers the Pokémon by hurling a pebble at it. Spearow calls out to its large flock, which pursue Ash and Pikachu. Pikachu eventually disperses the flock with massive Thunder, upon witnessing Ash’s willingness to sacrifice his safety for Pikachu’s. Ash must deal with the flock once more when he returns to Pallet Town, and realizes the Fearow leading the flock had been the Spearow he tried to catch. The flock reappeared in a flashback to that episode Ash had in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Professor Oak had a Spearow in the Pokémon Adventures manga. He used it against Green in their Pokémon League battle. It later evolved into Fearow.