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Pidgeot (ピジョット Pijotto, Pigeot), known as the Bird Pokémon, is the fully grown and developed form of the Pidgey species evolution line. Pidgeot is noticeably larger than its pre-evolution. Its plumage tends to be larger and glossier. The feathers on its head-crest are nearly as long as its body, and are yellow and red. Its tail feathers are red colored. Like its previous evolutions, its underbelly is a tan color, and it has black markings around its eyes. With their powerful chest muscles at work, Pidgeot can flap their wings fast enough to whip up gusts of winds to rival tornadoes. Pidgeot are very aerodynamic, capable of soaring to an altitude of 3300 feet and reaching speeds of up to Mach 2. Like Pidgeotto, Pidgeot feed on Magikarp by swooping from the sky and snatching them out of the water with their talons. Pidgeot appear very similar to Pidgeotto, so much so that one has been easily mistaken for the other, even by official sources. Ash’s Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot in the anime, and leaves his Pidgeot to protect its a group of Pidgey and Pidgeotto.

Loredana Lipperini, author of Generazione Pókemon: i bambini e l’invasione planetaria dei nuovi, described it as a predator of beetles, much like real birds.