Frugal Dining at It’s BEST!

Tonight while searching for a free and perfect camping spot our family was getting hungry. I had heard about Mary’s Diner in Beecher Wisconsin and decided to take us all there. To my absolute delight it was a lovely family diner with the most delicious Denver Sandwich I have ever tasted. The kids meals of Fish Nuggets were actual pieces of light flakey fish cut into quarters. And the kids menus were on the back of coloring sheets which kept them occupied till the came. We didn’t have to wait long and the fries were fresh out of the fryer. All in all it was lovely family dining experience for 4 which cost less than $25.00 including tip. I highly recommend Mary’s Diner, located at the intersection of County Road Z and US 141 Beecher, Wisconsin.
Just a quick side note: Curt’s Spices which were on the table was the most flavorful seasoning salt I’ve ever had. check out his website

An Excellent Article at Reader’s Digest

This article is a nice little goldmine on money saving tips.  I have saved this article and referred to it on more than one occasion.

However I was surprised not to see the new crop of  Comparative shopping sites  such as which I personally use.  There are others but Big Crumb is the biggest so far.  I love seeing money go into my paypal account for buying stuff on ebay.

Munising Michigan and The Terrace Motel

Game room at Terrace Motel

Game Room

Sauna at Terrace Motel


Fire pit and swing set at the Terrace Motel

Fire Pit and Swing Set

Our frugal family recently spent 2 glorious days in Munising, Michigan on a mini-vacation.  We stayed at a very inexpensive but thoroughly lovely motel, The Terrace. It is tucked away from the highway and maddening crowd next to a beautifully treed ridge. It features a game room, sauna and kitchen in a separate building, a fire pit and bench near a swing set for the kiddies. Our “room” was actually two separate bedrooms which is nice when the kids want to watch their own shows. Because I love retreating from the world even on a mini-vacation, I was thrilled to see no phone in the room. There were TWO fold out couches so we could have piled in more people and we may do that at a later date. All this for the price of $36.15 a night. No, I’m not kidding and that is not a typo. There are some slaves to hotel chains who might put their noses up at the fact that there were no little shampoos, only bars of soap and no little coffee pots in the room or continental breakfast, but personally I think you pay so much more for very little real value at these big chains particularly on mini vacation where you don’t want to hang out in your motel.

Ok, now we saved money on the motel, but it didn’t stop there. We visited the local Thrift Store and it was bag day. For $3.50 I filled that bag with name brand men’s shorts for my wonderful boyfriend, two dresses for my little girl, a swimsuit for me, a trendy blouse for my college student, and two graphic Spiderman button up shirts for my son. I also dug through the 10cent bin and found a Pink Floyd tape still in the wrapper and a Holly Hobby deck of cards that had never been opened. We played cribbage with the cards later in the evening in the game room. Then it was off to make s’mores by the fire-pit.

So there you have it. My first mini-vacation of the summer and we had lots of fun. There will pics too as soon as I figure how to put them on here.