Temporarily Closed
(Be looking for our re-opening soon!)

Every new business has what is called a ‘Soft Opening’ which is supposed to last a year that they do without advertising to test out the equipment, train the staff, and see how the business handles the workflow and workload.

Our ‘Soft Opening’ ended up lasting two years because we got caught up and too busy!

We will be opening up again soon after implementing SOME of the changes below.

Things we are going to implement that we learned from our soft opening:

  • Bathrooms
    • Update our plumbing with a better drainage system.
    • Move toilets further away from the walls to make more comfortable.
    • Redirect heat directly to the bathrooms so that we don’t have to bank the doors open to keep it warm inside.
    • Commercial hydraulic door closures will be installed.
  • Café Side
    • Repaint the floor with a rubberized floor covering. The entry way already has this gray rubberized flooring that holds up to traffic better. Our old flooring has chips developing already.
    • Add air conditioning. We had requests to add air conditioning to our coffeehouse for those super hot summer days!
    • Train the staff on back flushing the espresso machine and set up a maintenance schedule. Not doing so caused a $200-$300 repair bill to our espresso machine.
    • Install another bank of outlets along the wall to prevent overloading the breakers and having to reset them during busy times.
    • Add a second pizza oven and toaster oven so that we can do bigger orders more quickly.
  • Entertainment Room
    • Add air conditioning. We found out that when we fill the room for an event it gets pretty hot in their fast during the summer! We have already installed a water dispenser in the room.
    • Finish adding draining tile to the outside of the coffeehouse. To help direct water away from the building we have already dug the ditch. Now we have to add the drainage tile and landscaping stone.
    • Have more band entertainment from start ups. We are proud to have hosted some bands that just started out at our coffeehouse and have gone on to bigger things. If you are a band that is just starting out and want to test the field please contact us! We will also leave room in our budget for paid entertainment as well.
  • Storage
    • We will be moving some of the storage from the Entertainment Room to the Maintenance Room for quicker access and quicker service.
  • Advertising
    • Install a lighted sign near the road. We have missed some customers thinking that we were closed because our sign was not lighted.
    • Enhance the sign that is located by the highway and add another one.
    • Promote use of our entertainment room for rented events such as bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties. Our 300 square foot room with a 100 people capacity was very popular for these events!
  • Service
    • Maintain some our high quality food and drink items while upgrading some that the customers did not like. Delete some of the unpopular items from the menu and add some requested items.
    • Make sure we have two people on staff during our bigger events.
    • Build a custom shelf for our coffee flavors to find them more quickly.
    • We have some NEW, SECRET ideas we are anxious to try out!
  • Delivery
    • This has been popular in the beginning but has slacked off, we will be reconsidering keeping it we can have a dedicated delivery driver.
  • Parking Lot
    • We would LOVE to install a blacktop parking lot but it is not within our budget at this time however we did purchase a plow truck to take care of snow removal quicker and more often.
    • We WILL be purchasing more gravel to add to the parking lot though.

Thank you for the great two years and be looking for a better coffeehouse soon!

If you have any more ideas or things that you would like to see from us please contact us on our Facebook page or via email at info@javaandjivecoffeehouse.com.

Check out Jim Finlan’s artwork! Here too!

Link to original file.

Map of where Java and Jive Coffeehouse is.

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6 comments on “Home
  1. Vicci Pajan says:

    Can’t wait to get out of the hospital and come visit, I could really use a drink. Sorry I can’t take a cruise up there now, but I am still waiting for the surgery. first time out and I be heading your way!!!

    • Amy says:

      Can’t wait to see you and that goofy guy you travel with. We also need some products to stock in the place to so don’t let him forget.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey folks-
    I’m gonna be heading up magic tourneys at the java & jive coffee house in powers coming soon. In time we will become a WoC distributer and work on being sanctioned but for now im happy to simply help bring bodies into the coffee house and be able to start doing tournaments and just even playing magic in the area again.

    I know that powers is a ways out there but the place is Fantastic, the owners are good friends of my family and great people.  Plenty of great food, awesome drinks and a creative relaxing environment to get together and do what we love. This will also allow us players to meet and greet any other players in the area, Powers is a focal point for Menominee, iron mountain, and Escanaba and I’m sure there are a good chunk of folk that we would have never played with otherwise. And that to me is half the fun of MTG.

    We will start slow, until we have a handle on our player base and demand for product. Then once that happens I will upgrade and fine tune from there.

    My plan is as follows (all dates pending, plan subject to change)

    First week of the month-Open tables. Casual play, “meet and geek”, edh, constructed testing. Cards will be for sale once product is available for anybody who is interested in doing side drafts or hold mini constructed tourneys for fun. This is also the time to house any other offshoot events like commander, two headed giant, emperor, plane-chase, tournaments or anything else we do not offer. If you can dream it up, this is where we can try to make it a reality, all we ask is that you keep mindful of everybody who is branched off to their own thing.
    Come as you are and play what you like. 

    Second week-Draft night! $15
    Classic drafting, 3 packs, 20-30 minute build time, you know the drill folks. I’m very excited to be able to do this again. 

    Third week-open tables (repeat of week one)

    Fourth week-Constructed tournament $5
    We will begin things off with monthly standard tournaments. 5 dollars buys you in and all proceeds go toward prizes. I intend on branching out for more formats in time, so long as demand for it is there. (I personally would love to see legacy and modern)

    I’m very excited and fortunate to have this opportunity and look forward to seeing everybody here. I will do my best to keep people updated as much as possible seeing how this is still in the works.

    Oh yeah, and by all means feel free to spread the word around. :)

    ~Dustin Dimock

  3. Had a Wonderful time at Java and Jive Coffeehouse on Sunday, August 26, 2012. Had a Nice and Friendly Atmosphere. Hoping to be back Soon.

  4. Amy says:

    Our patrons and fellow yoopers are the best! Thanks for being so supportive as we continue my son Jimmie’s Therapy! We love you all!

  5. brent ayotte says:

    Amy i love your coffee house its like a second home to me thanks for everything.

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